Blizzard drops new Overwatch 2 lore and a good cyber-dog in Sojourn hero cinematic


Overwatch hero Sojourn, aka Vivian Chase, is the star of Blizzard’s latest animated short, “Calling,” a dollop of lore that arrives 10 months after the hero made her debut in Overwatch 2. Like a lot of Overwatch lore, it ties back to the reformation of the eponymous team and the illegality of Winston’s attempt to reunite the supergroup. In Sojourn’s case, she’s been secretly operating as an independent agent, not an official member of Overwatch — something that almost

gets her into serious trouble.

While Blizzard is keeping its new animated short locked behind Overwatch 2 itself for now, some fans have started uploading the clip to YouTube so everyone can watch.

“Calling” does more than just sell the emotional stakes of Sojourn’s struggle to be a hero, while also breaking the law; it also introduces Overwatch fans to an important new character: Murphy. She’s Sojourn’s dog. Like Sojourn, Murphy is cybernetic — she has prosthetic-powered legs — and loves a good croissant from Tom Beansons, Overwatch’s none-too-subtle take on ubiquitous coffee chain Tim Horton’s.

But back to the story: “Calling” sets the stage for Overwatch 2’s big upcoming event, Invasion. Sojourn is visited by an Agent Trombley, who checks in on her “clean, simple” post-superhero life to make sure she’s not doing any Overwatch business. Technically, she’s not, but she is

getting in some nighttime vigilantism against separatist Null Sector threats. She does so in what we can only assume will be an upcoming Sojourn skin:
Sojourn, in a sleek black stealth costume, stands near a disabled Omnic and looks down on an injured Agent Trombley from Overwatch 2’s “Calling” cinematic.
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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

After a near-arrest and some inner turmoil from both Sojourn and Trombley, the bigger threat presents itself. Null Sector warships appear over Toronto — those same ships recently starting showing up in the skies of Overwatch 2 — signaling the upcoming Omnic invasion. Fortunately, Sojourn has a whole Batcave built into the walls of her brownstone to prep for war and rally the troops.

Overwatch players will get a taste of what happens next on Aug. 10, when the Overwatch 2: Invasion content drop is released. That will include new PvE story missions against Null Sector hordes, a new game mode called Flashpoint, multiple new maps, and a new support hero — the game’s 38th playable character. (Aug. 10 is also when Overwatch 2 makes its way to Steam.)

Until then players can look at images of Murphy to pass the time. But if you don’t love Murphy at her…

Murphy, Sojourn’s dog, attempts to eat a croissant in a still from the Overwatch 2 animated short “Calling.” Image: Blizzard Entertainment

…you don’t deserve her at her…

Sojourn sits on her couch while Murphy the dog looks up from her Pachimari squeaky toy in a still from the Overwatch 2 animated short “Calling.” Image: Blizzard Entertainment