Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ hardcover guide is already 41% off

Just as prices can swing at Timmy and Tommy’s item shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, the pre-order cost for the complete hardcover guide to the game — releasing in late April — has dropped in price by a whopping 41% at Amazon. When we covered its announcement on Feb. 9, the book was selling for $54.41, but you can now reserve your copy for just $32.33. We thought you might like to know.

Any Animal Crossing fan might be dubious to see art selling at such a low cost. Is it one of Jolly Redd’s fakes, or the real thing? Rest assured, there’s no rolling of the dice here. You’ll get a 688-page hardcover, filled with tips on how to collect every item and how to capitalize on seasonal events, plus plenty of inspiration in case you want to give your island a makeover.

With the new low price of $32.33 (that hopefully stays put until release day), you could gift it alongside a physical or digital copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch.