Anyone can equip medical and ammo crates in Battlefield 2042

Two of the most crucial pieces of class equipment are no longer being restricted in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 already looks to be bringing a major shakeup to the standard class meta. While classes do exist, Specialists are now the focus, offering different takes on the same class roles.

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But one key detail DICE did not mention in our pre-reveal session, which the developer has now confirmed in a blog post, is that both the medical crate and the ammo box will no longer be restricted to any particular class. In other words, all classes and Specialists can perform the role of healing or resupplying teammates.

In fact, any piece of equipment, such as rocket launchers, can be equipped by all classes and Specialists. This also goes for throwables like grenades, as well as primary and secondary weapons.

You can essentially create custom loadouts that work across classes and Specialists – Call of Duty-style – which is something that’s never been possible in Battlefield before. Of course, this does raise a few questions about class and equipment balance – if everyone can carry a rocket launcher, for instance, wouldn’t that make armour obsolete?

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Elsewhere in the post, DICE also clarified that AI bots won’t just accompany players in solo and co-op matches, they’re going to also be used to fill servers while human players join, and in regions where the player population is low.

The post also revealed that vehicles will no longer be available on the deploy screen, a feature modern Battlefield games introduced. Instead, you’ll have to get into them the old-fashioned way, by simply finding them in the field or waiting at deployment.

More Battlefield 2042 details will be revealed at EA Play Live in July, including the multiplayer experience in development at DICE LA. Battlefield 2042 is out October 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.