Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event features original maps for Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

By Stephany Nunneley
24 June 2021 18:08 GMT

Apex Legenda players can soon participate in the new limited-time collection event, Genesis.

Kicking off June 29 and running through July 13, the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event takes you back to the original maps for Kings Canyon (complete with Skull Town) and World’s Edge.

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The original Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge are returning for a limited time in lieu of the normal Trios and Duos queues in one-hour rotations. With the maps, you can enjoy hot dropping into Kings Canyon at Skull Town, score loot on the moving train as it rides through Capital City in the era before the Harvester landed in World’s Edge, and engage in multi-team showdowns in Fuel Depot.

Skull Town will also be made into an Arena’s Map during the event via map rotation in one-hour increments during the event. You can circle the towers as Valkyrie and Pathfinder or trap up the bottom floors as Caustic and Wattson.

The Genesis Collection Event brings a rewards track with all-new earnable cosmetics, including legendary Charge Rifle and EVA-8 weapon skins. Additionally, you can earn 1,600 points per day with challenges refreshing daily throughout the event. There are also stretch challenges that reward four badges if completed during the event.

Genesis also introduces a new set of 24 limited-time cosmetics available through direct purchase and through Genesis Event Apex Packs. Should you collect all 24 event items, you’ll unlock the Revenant Heirloom set.

With the event comes Legend balance updates for Octane, Revenant, Lifeline, Bloodhound, and Wattson.

You can expect a slimmed-down hitbox for Revenant; an increased hit-box for Lifeline; Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather scan time has been decreased by one second; and Wattson has received a major buff with her Nessies.

Some weapon balance updates have also been applied with the update affecting Spitfire, the 30-30 Repeater, and the Longbow.

Patch notes for the update as well as more information on the Genesis Collection Event can be found through a developer blog post.

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