Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris Missing Queen | Little Mother Assassination Event

As the plot of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC thickens, Eivor tracks Queen Richardis to the village of Evreux for the Missing Queen and Sister of Sorrow quests.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris Missing Queen | How to unlock the Little Mother Assassination Event

To begin, go to the church in Evreux and sit for the service.

When it’s finished, ask the woman at the front about the Little Mother.

Next, go to the tavern and sit with Bastien.

After the conversation, speak to the two guards sitting on the log outside. They’ll tell that the Mother has a house nearby.

Investigate the Little Mother’s house south of the town – using the open window on the back of the house to enter – here you’ll learn of the Crypt beneath Aquilla.

Now go to the quest marker in Aquilla. Collect the crypt key from in front of the altar in the northeast of the town.

Then you can slip into the crypt unseen.

Inside the sewers, tread around to the right, towards the person highlighted with a key, this is the Assassination Event.

Interact with the knife on the table and you’ll see that you can take the dagger, and must dip it in the blood, not touch it, then hand it hilt first to the Little Mother with your eyes down not saying anything.

Speak to the pacing woman, then don your Bellatores cloak from earlier. Dip your knife into the sacrificial blood, then slide under the gap to take the key on the right.

Now use it to descend into the sanctum. As you enter, use Odin’s Sight to survey the room. There’s a guard with their back to you in front. Climb down and steal their key.

Next, go back up to the top of the room and unlock the cage on the right to isolate the Little Mother.

Then go down and interact with the Assassination Event icon to begin.

Take the opportunity when it arises, then follow Richardis out of the sanctum. To get past the rats, jump on top of the shelf in the middle of the room, then shoot the boxes on the far wall to reveal a grate, drive the rats into the grate, then move the boxes over the grate to get the queen safely across.

Destroy the wall blocking your escape, then speak to Richardis. Follow her, then ride with her again to Charles’ forward camp. After the events there, ride to meet Sigfred at his camp.

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