Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris | Should you kill or spare Sigfred?

Since they first stepped foot in Francia, Evior’s relationship with Sigfred Elgring has been a difficult one. Throughout the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC, Sigfred has been a belligerent force when all Eivor wants is peace and security for the Raven clan.

Consumed by a lust for revenge after the death of his brother, Sigfred has been resistant to Eivor and Toka’s insistence on diplomacy since the start.

Now, with all other options exhausted, Eivor must make the difficult decision: Kill Sigfred, or spare him and look for another solution?

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Here’s how you unlock each path, and what happens during the climax of the Siege of Paris DLC when you do.

Fortunately, we can discuss the outcome of this decision without spoiling the full ending of the DLC, since the ramifications aren’t as far reaching as you’d expect.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris | Should you kill or spare Sigfred?

With a truce between the Norse clans and Charles the Fat negotiated, Sigfred is still not happy. Finding only emptiness in the revenge he sought for his brother Sinric’s death, Sigfred leaves the feast at Melun to visit his burial mound.

When Eivor goes to meet him, Sigfred challenges them to a holmgang in frustration. You can either choose to resolve the encounter peacefully by choosing the non-violent dialogue options twice, or fight Sigfred to the death.

Without going into full spoilers, you can pick either without affecting the story of the DLC too much – so choose whichever you feel fits your playthrough best.

But if you want a more detailed breakdown, read on below.

If you choose to spare Sigfred:

  • If you choose the non-violent dialogue options twice, a cutscene will play where Sigfred leaves his clan in self-enforced exile
  • As a result, Toka will take the leadership role in the clan
  • Everyone’s cool with the result, and it doesn’t really come up again

If you choose to spare Sigfred:

  • Picking either one of the violent dialogue options triggers a boss fight where you take on Sigfred
  • His battle style is similar to other yellow-named enemies you’ve fought throughout the game, and is simple enough to defeat
  • After he is defeated, everyone accepts the outcome without blaming Eivor and Toka takes on the leadership of the clan
  • Later in conversations with Charles the Fat, he’ll reference your involvement with Sigfred and Eivor will retort that they killed him

Whichever of the two paths you choose, the same or very similar scenes play immediately afterwards, so as discussed, it’s not a decision to sweat over too much.

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