Battlefield 2042’s next reveal is… a short film

By Sherif Saed
2 August 2021 16:50 GMT

DICE doesn’t look to be ready to show off more Battlefield 2042 gameplay just yet.

Battlefield 2042 news has followed a fairly steady cadence so far. It started out with the proper reveal in June (and a tonne of information), followed by a first look at gameplay one week later. Battlefield Portal, the game’s second major experience, was revealed a few weeks after that, keeping the momentum going.

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Many of those excited to see more of the game hoped that the next reveal would focus on some aspect of gameplay. And more importantly, show more of it than we’d seen so far. Battlefield 2042’s next big moment this summer, however, doesn’t look to have any of that.

DICE today dropped a teaser for an in-universe short film about the game’s fictional world. Dubbed Exodus, the short film particularly focuses on the No-Pats (Non-Patriated) who make up the entirety of the fighting force in 2042’s world, pledging temporary allegiance to either the US or Russia to claim a seat at the table once the last shot has been fired.

Exodus won’t premiere until Thursday, August 12 (8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm UK), but until then, DICE will be sharing a look at the locations of Battlefield 2042 “through the eyes of embedded journalist Kayvan Bechir” beginning tomorrow. This all seems to part of an effort to build the world of the game, so don’t expect any gameplay on those maps or anything.

Nevertheless, it’s not what many of us hoped to see, particularly as most other Battlefield games would have released hours of gameplay by the same point in their pre-release schedule. That said, gamescom is on the horizon, so we may end up getting something to chew on there.

Battlefield 2042 is out October 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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