Best PS5 and PS4 deals for January 2021

Whether you’re planning on building on the purchase of your new PS5 or working on a library of classic games and accessories for your beloved PS4, you’ll want to know the best offers and deals going across the internet. Whether it’s console bundles, games, accessories, subscription services or more, we’ve put together this page collating the best PS5 and PS4 deals this month. We’ll also be updating it regularly for your use!

Of course, for those who like to be on the cutting edge, finding PS5 stock to buy one can be a real issue. Not to worry though – we’ve got a whole page for that specifically, so click here to find out where to get a PS5.

In the meantime though, check out below for info on how you can save money on some great games, consoles, extras and beyond.

Best PS5/PS4 game deals

With very few releases coming out this month beyond Hitman 3, those who aren’t interested in stealthy assassination have the opportunity to catch up on some missed opportunities and fill their libraries with some classics from the previous years. There’s also a big digital sale on the PS Store right now, which we’ve included some highlights for!

Best PS4 console bundle deals

Console bundles for the PS4 aren’t especially common at the moment, as attention moves off the older consoles to the new generation. Not only that, but weird sales decisions up top seem to be reluctant to lower the price of PS4s by any considerable amount. We’ve put the best options below, but we’ll likely see better in the coming months as PS5s become more common.

Best PS5 controller deals

New PS5 Dualsense controllers aren’t easy to find cheap, as their high popularity and new status means that real drops in price are rare and comparatively minor. Still, there’s a few retailers who will lower their costs a little to have an edge in the market, and every now and then a sale will chip it down even further. Wherever there’s a good value, we’ll have it marked here.

Best PS Plus/PS Now deals

PS Plus is a massive addition to any game library, offering free games every month, discounts and access to multiplayer in most games. Meanwhile, PS Now can inject life into any account and console, allowing players to stream and download games to their console from a library of hundreds. Both are temporary subscription services that need updating, but they can offer a lot, and getting them for the best price can help keep costs low.

Best PS5/PS4 accessories deals

Accessorize! Extras and peripherals are what turn a console into a true entertainment system, whether it’s tech to improve its base functions, new kinds of extras that enhance play, or even grand new extras like PSVR, which open up a whole new range of games and options.

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