Cargo Trucks should no longer dominate Warzone Solos thanks to new patch

By Sherif Saed
28 May 2021 10:58 GMT

Things are going to feel different in Warzone Solos going forward.

Warzone developer Raven has delivered on its promise to look into the problem of cargo trucks in the game’s Solos mode. Cargo trucks are the sturdiest vehicle in the game and they have ruled the Solos meta for months.

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This happened when players in Solos realised that cargo trucks can be used to avoid engagement. Because of the sheer number of them, and their demonstrably high durability, most simply would rather avoid them than take them down. This causes the end game in Solos to turn into something out of a demolition derby, where the entirety of remaining players drive around in trucks trying to ram one another into the gas.

As part of a new Warzone patch that came out yesterday, Raven decided to put a stop to this trend by limiting the number of cargo trucks to just five per match. This is a significant cut from the 16-20 that previously spawned in Solos.

On the subject of vehicles, the developer fixed the bug that caused vehicles to deal damage to friendly players/squadmates.

The update did also bring a couple of balance adjustments, which are becoming more common now for Warzone. The CR-56 AMAX, which recently received a slight nerf, has been further nerfed with this update. The assault rifle’s headshot multiplier has been reduced to 1.5 from 1.62.

The FARA 83 was another recipient of some balance tweaks, as Raven continues to work on finding a place for it in the meta. The weapon’s recoil should now be a bit easier to control for longer-ranges, but its hipfire spread has been increased.

The patch makes a few other changes to the LW3 Tundra’s base optic, and Tactical Rifle Charlie. A number of Black Ops Cold War optics have also been reworked to make them more viable. You can read the full list of changes at the official blog.

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