Cyberpunk 2077 bunnyhopping is a bug I hope they don’t fix

Johnny Silverhand poses with his arms crossed in a Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot.

Once you learn that a movement glitch in Cyberpunk 2077 lets V bound along streets faster than any motor vehicle, it’s even more galling that everyone in Night City is bugging her to buy their old cars. Yep, bunnyhopping in Cyberpunk is real, and I’m delighted. With careful timing, V’s robot legs can send her zooming. It looks wild. This is one Cyberpunk 2077 bug I hope developers CD Projekt Red never fix.

I’m jazzed to see this. I was already using wee ramps (like those alongside curbs on some roads) for boosts but didn’t realise quite how wacky Cyberpunk’s movement could get. Looking now, I see Cyberpunk speedrunners (yep, they exist – and not just racing to the sex) call that technique ‘edgerunning’. Clever wee nod to an in-fiction term for mercs, that (Edgerunners is also the name of the upcoming Cyberpunk Netflix anime, by the way).

I’ll definitely be looking this this bunnyhopping. I’m a huge fan of movement glitches (strafe-jumping and ramp-jumping made Quake 2 for me) so I hope CDPR don’t patch this out, especially as it’s a singleplayer game. It raises the skill ceiling without causing harm, other than perhaps to immersion – but that’s already shattered by bugs like pedestrians disappearing when you turn around or, as seen in this video, cars which appear on the horizon then vanish as you draw near.

Initial bunnyhopping techniques in Cyberpunk used the Kerenzikov implant, which briefly slows time when you dodge, but it seems folks are now going wild simply with a raw V? Lovely. Though there is a nice rhythm to the Kerenzikov jumping, as demonstrated by “Pip Lads” a few weeks back:

I do hope CDPR patch a lot of the other bugs, mind. I like Night City and its folks enough to play a whole lot even in its current state, but I can’t go anywhere or do anything without encountering some bug which makes it feel flimsy and silly. And I’d quite like to complete the sidequests that are blocked by bugs. Our Cyberpunk 2077 review called it “a big, beautiful and broken mess” and yeppp. I look forward to a second playthrough eventually, when hopefully the devs will have fixed bugs and maybe even overhauled some systems (to hell with you, disappointing and frustrating item system), the planned expansions are out, and memories fade enough to go in fresh-ish.