Dead Warzone players now turn into zombies as the Black Ops Cold War story moves to Verdansk

By Sherif Saed
16 April 2021 11:10 GMT

The Warzone Zombies event is coming to an end, and it’s getting slightly more exciting.

As the end of Warzone‘s second season approaches, Raven has added in one last twist to the battle royale mode’s uneventful zombie invasion event, which has been active for weeks and only served to throw the occasional zombie encounter at players at various points across the map.

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Last night, Warzone players found that if you die in any of the contaminated zones (marked with the nuclear icon) on the map, you come back as a zombie. The powers you have access to are identical to those made for last year’s Haunting of Verdansk event.

This means that zombie players have a very high jump, and can trigger an EMP blast and throw a gas grenade. And like last year’s horror-themed event, your goal as a zombie is to hunt other players, but you can still team up with your existing teammates. You won’t be able to take on other players on your own, however, as your health in that form remains fairly low. If you die as a zombie, your teammates can still buy you back as a human player.

Meanwhile, Treyarch dropped the Season 2 outro cinematic overnight. As seen above, the video reveals how the Black Ops Cold War story will tie into Modern Warfare’s Verdansk, and confirms that it will be the focus of Season 3.

“Everything is about to change in Season Three,” the blurb reads.

“Naga’s diversion worked as intended, throwing Woods and his squad off the scent long enough for Stitch to continue his master plan. Armed with fresh intel gathered from the cartel operation in Laos, they urgently deploy to Verdansk. Adler’s time is running out…”

The new season kicks off on Thursday, but the so-called nuke event takes place the day before. This is how we expect Warzone to transition the current Verdansk into its 80s-themed version.

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