Destruction AllStars dev working on voice chat issues

One of the most annoying issues in Destruction AllStars is being fixed.

Destruction AllStars has been generating a lot of discussion among PS5 owners. Making the car combat game free as part of PlayStation Plus really did help expose it to a wider audience, as much as you could have with something as rare as PS5 consoles.

Over the last few days, a number of smaller issues have been coming up more and more. But perhaps the most prominent is how the game handles voice chat. At the start of every match, all players are thrown into a big party chat. Considering the fact every DualSense has a mic and a speaker built in, every match starts with loud voice chat from people unaware they’re blasting to the rest of the world.

The game doesn’t offer a global mute-all function, so you have to hit the PlayStation button, and navigate to the party card to mute the party. This needs to be done at the start of every match, and it’s less than ideal.

There’s also another problem in the same vein, which is how the game blasts voice chat through the controller speaker. This one is easier to solve, if you mute the controller speaker altogether, but it’s still puzzling why players can’t simply turn it off in-game.

The good news is that developer Lucid Games is currently working on a fix for these problems. The developer issued a tweet confirming that the team is aware of all the complaints, but didn’t specify what the fix is going to do.

Ideally, we’re at least getting a mute all button. If you’re curious about Destruction AllStars, check out Tom’s review, and download it yourself if you own a PS5.