Fall Guys’ battle pass encourages being a loser

A week ago, Fall Guys took a major step, going free-to-play while also launching for the first time on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles (alongside existing PlayStation and PC players). But it seems that big update has come with some complexities the developers didn’t plan for. Right now the game basically isn’t incentivizing success when it comes to leveling up the battle pass. In other words: Losing in the very first round might be your best bet.

Fall Guys experience comes in the form of Fame. Fame is earned by playing rounds and completing challenges. While challenges can net you over 300 Fame for a daily and over 1,000 for a weekly, Fame earned just by playing comes much slower. Just playing the first round and not qualifying nets you 24 Fame. Later rounds award even less Fame than that first round. Which means the easiest Fame you get once you clear our your daily and weekly challenges is the 24 points you get from the first round.

Thus, players could intentionally lose in the first round just to rack up as many of those stacks of 24 Fame as possible.

In addition to the paltry Fame trickle you get by sticking it out through an entire game, developer Mediatonic removed most of the incentive for winning matches. Before the game went free-to-play, Fall Guys rewarded winners with Crowns, which could then be spent on various cosmetics. Crowns are no longer used as a currency in this new free-to-play era. Instead they have marginal utility, slightly increasing your Crown Rank, which very slowly unlocks a smaller handful of cosmetics. It’s far less productive than it once was to be great at Fall Guys.

We’ve reached out to a representative for Mediatonic to see if there are steps the developer is taking to address this issue. It will likely have to shift the Fame gains in Fall Guys to ensure that intentionally losing isn’t a valid strategy. Otherwise they may want to consider changing the game’s name to Taking the Fall Guys.