Fortnite Season 7 Battle Stars | How to redeem all Battle Pass content

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has launched with a slightly different Battle Pass system. Instead of advancing through tiers and unlocking content linearly as you go, you’ll now earn Battle Stars that you can spend to unlock content that appeals to you first.

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If this sounds a bit too good to be true, you’ll probably be unsurprised to learn that there are quite a few restrictions. Battle Pass content is divided into Pages, and you’ll need to complete previous pages and/or level up before you can get to the higher ones which (for most people’s money, I think) contain the best stuff.

You also still need to purchase a base item for a skin or tool before you can apply its variant styles.

How to earn Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 7

You will earn 5 Battle Stars every time you level up in Fortnite Season 7.

It seems quite likely there will be other ways to get hold of additional Battle Stars, but we don’t know of any just yet.

How to unlock pages in Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass

Upon purchasing the Battle Pass for the season, you will have access to Battle Pass Page 1 automatically.

To unlock the remaining pages, you need to either purchase enough items from previous pages or level up beyond a certain rank. Additional pages will unlock at the following points:

  • Page 2: Claim 5 rewards on Page 1 or reach Level 10.
  • Page 3: Claim 11 rewards on Pages 1-2 or reach Level 20.
  • Page 4: Claim 18 rewards on Pages 1-3 or reach Level 30.
  • Page 5: Claim 26 rewards on Pages 1-4 or reach Level 40.
  • Page 6: Claim 36 rewards on Pages 1-5 or reach Level 50.
  • Page 7: Claim 48 rewards on pages 1-6 or reach Level 60.
  • Page 8: Claim 61 rewards on pages 1-7 or reach Level 70.
  • Page 9: Claim 75 rewards on pages 1-8 or reach Level 80.
  • Page 10: Claim 90 rewards on pages 1-9 or reach Level 90.

In addition to the main Battle Pass pages there are Bonus Rewards pages. You can only unlock these once you’ve claimed all 100 items from the main Battle Pass.

A second page of Bonus Rewards will become available once you’ve claimed 105 total rewards (i.e. all 100 from the main Battle Pass, plus five from the first page of Bonus Rewards). A further three pages of Bonus Rewards are currently locked and unavailable to view, presumably to be made available later in the season.

Finally, the season’s DC Comics content unlocks through a unique set of Superman Pages separate from either the Battle Pass or Bonus Content. However, this content isn’t due to launch properly until 65 days into the season — which, by our reckoning, is August 12th. Until then, you can browse the upcoming content, but can’t claim anything.

How much do Fortnite Season 7’s rewards cost in Battle Stars?

There are currently 114 items available in the Battle Pass and Bonus Rewards, with at least 31 more due to be added to Bonus Rewards and the special DC Comics pages over the course of the season.

Refer to the table below for the page and cost in Battle Stars of every reward item we know about so far:

Item NameItem TypePageCost in Battle Stars
KymeraOutfit (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 1n/a (unlocked with Battle Pass purchase)
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 13
Kymera SwarmLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 13
MercurialSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 13
Abduction!Contrail (Rare)Battle Pass Page 14
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 15
Pulse PhaseWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 15
Fishstick JankyBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 16
Kymera’s Plasma PackBack Bling (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 16
Lil’ SaucerEmote (Epic)Battle Pass Page 17
Alie-yumEmoticon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 23
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 23
Get Me Out Of HereLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 23
Visitors WelcomeSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 23
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 25
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 25
OozeyWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 25
Sunny’s SongMusic (Rare)Battle Pass Page 25
The Fret BasherHarvesting Tool (Epic)Battle Pass Page 27
SunnyOutfit (Rare)Battle Pass Page 29
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 33
Grand FinaleLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 33
ClutteredContrail (Rare)Battle Pass Page 34
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 35
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 35
Laser BlazeWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 35
Patch PackBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 36
Sunny’s LanderGlider (Rare)Battle Pass Page 36
Ska-stra-terrestrialEmote (Rare)Battle Pass Page 37
Voyager SunnyStyle (Epic)Battle Pass Page 38 (+ requires Sunny base item)
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 43
Fever DreamEmoticon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 43
Guggi VisionLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 43
Guggi Was HereSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 43
Axe 2 GrindMusic (Rare)Battle Pass Page 45
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 45
Chop DropperGlider (Epic)Battle Pass Page 46
Fashion Accident JankyBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 46
Chop ChopHarvesting Tool (Rare)Battle Pass Page 47
GuggimonOutfit (Epic)Battle Pass Page 49
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 53
Inside OutSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 53
MlemEmoticon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 53
Spire StrikeLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 53
InversionContrail (Rare)Battle Pass Page 54
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 55
Zip FlipWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 55
Galactic PackBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 56
KittanasHarvesting Tool (Rare)Battle Pass Page 57
JoeyOutfit (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 59
FacetsLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 63
Ink WolfSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 63
Sunburnt Galactic PackStyle (Epic)Battle Pass Page 64 (+ requires Galactic Pack base item)
Sunburnt KittanasStyle (Rare)Battle Pass Page 64 (+ requires Kittanas base item)
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 65
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 65
BeamersWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 65
Meowscles JankyBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 66
UnzippedBuilt-In Emote (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 67 (+ requires Joey base item)
Vulcan SaluteEmote (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 67
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 73
Pluxarian GothicLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 73
Stand TogetherSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 73
Light StreakContrail (Rare)Battle Pass Page 74
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 75
ZyggyWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 75
ChoppyPet (Epic)Battle Pass Page 76
Zyg RayGlider (Epic)Battle Pass Page 76
Zyg’s ChainbladeHarvesting Tool (Epic)Battle Pass Page 77
ZygOutfit (Epic)Battle Pass Page 79
SloneSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 83
Slone’s MissionLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 83
Drop JetContrail (Rare)Battle Pass Page 84
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 85
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 85
8-Ball JankyBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 86
IO OrchestratorBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 86
IO Stealth SailGlider (Rare)Battle Pass Page 86
IO EradicatorHarvesting Tool (Epic)Battle Pass Page 87
Doctor SloneOutfit (Epic)Battle Pass Page 89
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 93
Big HeefEmoticon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 93
Cattle RoyaleLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 93
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 95
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 95
DetonationMusic (Rare)Battle Pass Page 95
Imagined EdgeWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 95
Kick BackEmote (Rare)Battle Pass Page 97
Battlesuit SloneStyle (Epic)Battle Pass Page 98 (+ requires Doctor Slone base item)
Molten Midnight ZygStyle (Epic)Battle Pass Page 98 (+ requires Zyg base item)
* Buurrrpp *Emoticon (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 103
Interstellar RickSpray (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 103
The RickiverseLoading Screen (Uncommon)Battle Pass Page 103
100 V-BucksCurrency (Legendary)Battle Pass Page 105
Rick’s PortalWrap (Rare)Battle Pass Page 105
Butter RobotBack Bling (Epic)Battle Pass Page 106
Rick’s UFO CruiserGlider (Epic)Battle Pass Page 106
Hammerhead MortyHarvesting Tool (Epic)Battle Pass Page 107
The Rick DanceEmote (Epic)Battle Pass Page 107
Rick SanchezOutfit (Rare)Battle Pass Page 109
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 110
I BelieveSpray (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 110
The Fret Basher EncoreStyle (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 110 (+ requires The Fret Basher base item)
Star SeerEmoticon (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 110
Battlestripe SloneStyle (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 120 (+ requires Doctor Slone base item)
Beachcomber SunnyStyle (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 120 (+ requires Sunny base item)
Sandstone JoeyStyle (Legendary)Bonus Rewards Page 120 (+ requires Joey base item)
Banner IconBanner Icon (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 210
Eeeeh…Emoticon (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 210
Sunny SkullSpray (Uncommon)Bonus Rewards Page 210
Doctor Slone (Shades)Style (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 215 (+ requires Doctor Slone base item)
Guggimon (Masked)Style (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 215 (+ requires Guggimon base item)
Mechaglow ZygStyle (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 220 (+ requires Zyg base item)
Toxic RickStyle (Epic)Bonus Rewards Page 220 (+ requires Rick Sanchez base item)
Call to ActionEmoticon (DC Series)Superman Page 1TBC
Superman ShieldSpray (DC Series)Superman Page 1TBC
The Daily PlanetBack Bling (DC Series)Superman Page 1TBC
Secret IdentityBuilt-In Emote (DC Series)Superman Page 1TBC
Clark KentOutfit (DC Series)Superman Page 1TBC
Banner IconBanner (DC Series)Superman Page 2TBC
The Last Son of KryptonLoading Screen (DC Series)Superman Page 2TBC
Cal-El’s CapeGlider (DC Series)Superman Page 2TBC
Solitude StrikerHarvesting Tool (DC Series)Superman Page 2TBC
Clark Kent (Shadow)Style (DC Series)Superman Page 2TBC