Gangnam Style emote coming to Fortnite for some reason

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 29 January 2021 15:30 GMT

Let’s face it, the song probably came out before the average Fortnite player was born.

Another iconic dance move is making its way into Epic’s battle royale Fortnite.

The title’s Korean Twitter account revealed yesterday that Gangnam Style is landing in Fortnite. A subsequent tweet from the game’s main Twitter account said the emote went live today (Friday, January 29).

For those who have forgotten Gangnam Style, let me set the scene. The year was 2012. It was a halcyon time when British people could be vaguely proud of our objectively rubbish island thanks to the London Olympics. Social media was becoming more popular and was not yet contributing to the erosion of the fabric of society around the world. In fact, the internet was, in general, pretty good, and churned out a reliable feed of viral and funny videos.

Gangnam Style was a song – and accompanying dance – by Korean pop star Psy that spread like absolute wildfire, resulting in myriad imitations. In September 2012, Guinness World Records recognised the video as the most liked in YouTube’s history.

It probably also made its debut before the average Fortnite player was even born.

This is the latest in a long line of popular dances to come to the battle royale giant, following in the footsteps of Backpack Kid’s The Russell – which became the Floss in Fortnite – Alfonso Ribeiro’s the Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as Turk’s Poison dance from Scrubs.

The former two have both taken legal action against Epic Games, while Scrubs actor Donald Faison has expressed his displeasure at being ripped off like this.

Keep in mind that this is the same Epic Games that is whining about having to give 30% of its revenue to platforms for selling on them and is waging a stupid Free Fortnite campaign against Apple.

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