Hitman 3 April roadmap reveals new Escalation and two Elusive Targets

The Season of Greed has arrived with free content for Hitman 3 owners every week, and coming soon, are two new Elusive Targets.

Hitman 3 will be following a seasonal approach throughout 2021 to support the Seven Deadly Sins DLC.

You can have a look at what to expect with the upcoming season in the video below.

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The Seven Deadly Sins DLC, Act 1: Greed is currently live, and has players venturing to Dubai to indulge in a three-stage Escalation: The Greed Enumeration.

There is also the Seasonal Event going on right now. Called the Berlin Egg Hunt, the free content sees Agent 47 heading to Berlin, where the location has been transformed for the Berlin Egg Hunt.

Playable now through April 12, this new escalation brings a seasonal twist to the Berlin location with new decorations and graffiti, a series of objectives, new gameplay items, interesting targets and an unlockable suit.

Two featured contracts are on the way, alongside a new Escalation called the Jinzhen Incident. Here, you will start off in the streets of Chongqing before heading to a facility to find your targets and “exact your revenge.”

The first Elusive Target, the Collector arrives in Dartmoor today, April 9. The Collector will be in town for just 10 days and you’ll have one opportunity to take them out. Choose your actions carefully, there are no second chances.

Another Elusive Target from Hawke’s Bay, the Politician, returns at the end of April. Hawke’s Bay is currently a featured location in the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack, which means this Elusive Target is available to all owners and all Free Starter Pack players.

A major patch will arrive in the game on May 10 to end the Season of Greed and start the Season of Sin.

This patch will prepare the game for all the new content arriving in that season as well as bring improvements, tweaks, and fixes.

Here’s a recap of what to expect between now and the end of April and into May.

  • Act 1: Greed / Seven Deadly Sins DLC – Currently live
  • Berlin Egg Hunt / Seasonal Event – Now through April 12
  • The Satu Mare Delirium / Deluxe Escalation – Now through April 19
  • The Collector (Dartmoor) / Elusive Target – April 15
  • Two Angry Gamers x Dubai & Dartmoor / Featured Contracts – April 23 – May 3
  • The Politician (Hawke’s Bay) / Elusive Target – April 29
  • Achievement Hunter x Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza / Featured Contracts – May 6