How to break large rocks in Harvestella

In Harvestella, your farm will start off covered in rocks of various sizes. You can break the small rocks right away, but the bigger rocks require a stronger charged-up ability that you won’t unlock until later.

Our Harvestella guide explains how to get the hammer upgrade that will allow you to break big rocks.

In order to upgrade your hammer swing, you’ll need the Great Earth Faerie to join your farm. She’ll appear after you beat Chapter 3C of the story, which takes place in Argene toward the west of the map.

You’ll have access to Chapters 3A, 3B, and 3C all at the same time, and you can do them out of order. If you really want to break those rocks ASAP, you can run straight to Argene, but we don’t recommend it, as the enemies towards the end of the related dungeon are level 30. They’ll shake you up if you’re not powered up enough, though it’s annoying that your farm will be covered in huge rocks until then.

Once you get the Great Earth Faerie, you’ll need to complete six tasks for her and turn them in using the glowing book in your cabin. Lots of her tasks involve growing winter crops, but you can still unlock the charged-up hammer skill outside of winter. Tasks will complete retroactively, so there’s a high chance that you’ll already have some tasks completed by the time you unlock her.

We crafted 40 items and built rapport 15 times initially, which allowed us to unlock the mayonnaise and spice maker. Building one of each completed two more tasks, so we could unlock the hammer upgrade quickly.

Once you have the upgraded hammer, you just press and hold the button to smash those pesky rocks.