How to find Rare Island Sanctuary Animals in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, you can capture and raise animals on your personal paradise in Island Sanctuary. Some animals are harder to find than others as they only spawn in specific weather conditions or at certain times. Follow our FFXIV guide to find where rare animals are located and what conditions they need to spawn.

There is currently a bug where some of the rare animals will not spawn. This happens for animals who have both a weather and time requirement, but the Island Sanctuary discord community has found a temporary fix that works for some.

To spawn a rare animal that has both a weather and time requirement, you should:

  1. Have no other players on your island
  2. Leave your island before the weather changes (Midnight, 8 am, 4 pm Eorzean time)
  3. Wait for 5 Eorzen minutes past the rare monster’s spawn time
  4. Load back into your island, and check to see if your monster spawned.

Each of the Rare Animal’s spawn conditions are listed below.

Island Sanctuary Rare Animal Spawn Conditions

AnimalTimeLocation (X,Y)WeatherSize
AnimalTimeLocation (X,Y)WeatherSize
Glyptodon12 am – 3 am(31, 11)Medium
Island Billy3 am – 6 am(26, 22)Large
Lemur6 am – 9 am(20, 26)Small
Star Marmot9 am – 12 pm(15, 19)Small
Apkallu of Paradise12 pm – 3 pm(19, 11)Small
Dodo of Paradise3 pm – 6 pm(16, 12)Medium
Island Stag6 pm – 9 pm(20, 19)Medium
Ornery Karakul(20, 23)Fair SkiesSmall
Black Chocobo(13, 11)Clear SkiesMedium
Gold Back(31, 28)RainLarge
Grand Buffalo(12, 17)CloudsLarge
Yellow Coblyn(27, 19)FogSmall
Beachcomb12 am – 3 am(17.8, 12.6)RainSmall
Alligator6 am – 9 am(17, 24)ShowersLarge
Goobbue9 am – 12 pm(33, 16)CloudsLarge
Paissa12 pm – 3 pm(25, 28) – Flight requiredFair SkiesMedium
Twinklefleece6 pm – 9 pm(22.1, 20.8)FogSmall

Edward Ornitier of Moogle (EU) and the Island Sanctuary Discord