League of Legends show Arcane’s creation to be highlighted in upcoming series

Arcane, the League of Legends show on Netflix, is beautifully animated and sets up compelling mysteries to explore in the future. However, fans aren’t going to get any more of the show until 2023 at the earliest. In the mean time, Riot Games is continuing to promote Arcane, and the show’s official Twitter account posted an announcement on Wednesday for a new mini-series called Bridging the Rift.

Bridging the Rift is described as “the story of how Arcane came to be,” and it will release in five parts. The series will begin on Aug. 4, and launch new episodes every Thursday. The announcement is otherwise vague about what fans can expect, but the language suggests that it’ll be a documentary-style series that shows off the creation of the show.

It’s possible we may see some information on early iterations of the show’s characters or scenarios; Fortiche has created tons of original animations for things like the official Imagine Dragons music video for the song “Enemy.” For now, fans will have to wait and see what Bridging the Rift has in store, but it’s nice to see some more Arcane content while we patiently wait for season 2.