Little Nightmares 2 Part 7 | TV Puzzles

The situation has changed, but Mono has nowhere to go but forward. Separated from Six, yet another new puzzle mechanic is introduced in the coming areas – proving some of the most brain-teasing problems throughout the whole adventure.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 7 – TV Puzzles

From your hiding place under the bed, run back to the TV room and push against the screen until the scene changes.

Climb up the cupboard and bookcase behind you and continue climbing up the building.

Push against the TV here and you’ll warp again.

Outside, turn the crank so the TV goes over to the other side of the gap, then jump and grab the door handle on the left to get back inside the last building.

Push through the TV in here again and you’ll appear on the other side.

Climb up the ladder, then keep heading right, dropping down to ledges and walking along planks.

Swing across the hook when you have to, which you can’t do in one swing – jump to it, build up momentum, then jump.

Eventually you’ll climb through another window to another TV puzzle.

Descend the ladder in front of you, then grab the TV remote in the middle of the rug. Press Circle to turn the TV on, then push on the screen to advance.

The Post Office

In the next room, jump down into the gap in the middle, and in the left-hand vent is a postman’s hat.

Through the right-hand vent is another room. Position the post trolley at the top of the screen so you can use it to jump across the gap above, then turn on the TV on the right and push through the screen to get back to the higher level.

Make sure the TV in the room before the vent is turned on.

Now use the ceiling light to swing across, then climb the chair and hop over the counter. Now jump over the gap using the trolley.

On the other side, use the hanger to zip over to the next building.

Push through the next door, and it’s a return of the TV addicts.

You need to run over to the right and go out on the balcony to turn on the hanging TV outside.

Now return to the kitchen and press the remote to turn off the TV in the lounge, then run and hide in the oven.

The addict will then stomp into the kitchen and lock onto the TV outside, so you can turn the one in the lounge back on and warp through it to get outside.

Walk across the plank, then climb the ladder and continue your ascent to the top of the roof up the trellis on the side of the building.

There’s another TV addict here. Again, turn on the TV on the other side of the gap, then position yourself to turn off the TV the addict is looking at.

When they turn around, they’ll lock onto the other TV, so you can turn the first back on to warp to the other side.

Head right through the bathroom, and along the rooftops. Hop across the bed, then down another hanger zipwire, before running across a last rooftop.

Drop through the hole into the apartment below, but don’t warp through the TV here.

First, jump through the window on the right and push the TV there off the ledge.

Then go back inside and warp through the TV to get to the next building.

Here, there’s a lever on your left which electrifies the water in front of you.

Go to the far end of the corridor, pull the planks off the bottom of the door, then run back to the lever to electrocute the TV addict who bursts through.

Garbage Room Elevator

In the now open room, turn on the TV then head through the vent on the right.

Jump on the garbage to dislodge it.

Then at the bottom, slide the package in the middle of the large room to the right so you can grab the lever that activates the elevator.

Now turn on the TV inside the elevator.

Squeeze inside the elevator, then use the TV as a platform to reach the lever.

Ride the elevator up to the top, then pull the lever again and warp out to the landing where you started.

Drop down into the open elevator shaft, then drop through the hole in the wall to the middle room with kids toys.

On this floor, go around to the right and you’ll see a doll on a box. Slide this box away from the wall and you’ll find a hole.

In the electrified bathroom, use the toilet to get over the water, then turn off the TV in the room. Jump back to the toilet to electrocute the addict, then go to where they were standing.

There’s a stool here you can drag to the door on the right and advance.

The Toy Store

Drop down into the alleyway, then hop across to the next building: a toy store with some serious wiring issues.

On the higher level, there’s a trolley on the right. Drag it around to the middle then push it down the ramp to give you a way to jump over to the left-hand side of the lower room.

Go through the door here, then use the desk to get up to the vent at the top of the room.

Now on the high shelves, grab the lever behind you, then jump down in front of you.

With the power off, drag the trolley over to the right so you can use it to jump to the TV on the cupboard.

Now return to the power lever, pull it again, jump across to the TV and warp through it.

On the higher level, use the TV to jump out of the window and drop down.

In the alley, go right and turn on the TV in the shop window. Then go back to the left and turn off the TV the two addicts are watching.

Then run back to the right until they lock onto the new TV. Return to the first TV, turn it on, then warp through.

Run and jump your way to the right through the shop, then keep running around the corner and through the shelves until you reach a TV you can warp through.

On the other side, head right in the corridor until you get to a hole in the wall with a living room behind it.

Approach the TV and press the screen, then hold the grab button and pull backwards.

When you regain control, there’s an axe lodged free, so you can use that to chop down the door at the near corner of the room.

Run through the room you find yourself in, sliding under barriers and climbing planks. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a vent under some floorboards.

Keep heading right, but stay out of the Thin Man’s line of sight, waiting ages until he’s moved on completely from looking into the hole.

Go through the vent on the other side, then drag the stool across the hall, use it to get to the window, and pull the plank off from across the exit.

Slide down the side of the building, then jump and grab onto the train car at the end of the slide.

Run through and jump into the illuminated train at the end, then run towards the camera when you land.

You’ll soon have to turn right, so turn right and keep running right – jumping over the stacked luggage in your way.

Keep heading right and you’ll have to jump and grab a handle to open the next door. Then run and jump through the window to get to a lever.

Pull the lever and watch the scene unfold.

With your remote broken, follow the shadow in front of you, up and around to the illuminated alleyway.

Climb the ladder and watch the scene on the surface.

As the Thin Man approaches, press forward on the controller, then press forward in the direction his hand reaches towards you.

After doing that a few times, keep pressing forward on the controller until the scene changes.

When that happens, walk into the pink light.