Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting the F-15 in new third-party add-on

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 11 January 2021 12:04 GMT

Microsoft Flight Simulator may have been designed for civilian aircrafts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t let you fly fighter jets.

The third-party modding community has been slowly working on creating new Microsoft Flight Simulator aircrafts, airports and so many other things for the game’s growing simulation community.

This is the case with any simulator that supports custom modules, but today’s creation is a little different from the few we’ve seen so far.

DC Designs has unveiled (via Polygon) that it’s working on its very first project for Microsoft Flight Simulator: an F-15 Eagle add-on. The package includes all variants of the iconic fighter jet, including the E Strike Eagle, C, D and I.

The F-15 has been modelled using physically-based rendering techniques to create an accurate, high-fidelity look. Early screenshots certainly look on par with Asobo’s own designs in the vanilla game. It looks even better in motion, as the video above from YouTuber ObsidianAnt demonstrates.

It doesn’t look like you’ll able to use any of the F-15’s armaments, even if they are modelled. There’s also another quirk to this module. The F-15 can only reach a Mach 1 speed in the game, despite being capable of over Mach 2.5 in real-life. This has to do with a limitation in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which could be tied to how the game generates ground data.

The package also includes an operating manual, some liveries and a paint kit. It’ll be available for purchase sometime this month. You can learn more at Just Flight.

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