Monster Hunter Rise: Sharp Fang | How to get Sharp Fangs

By Rebecca Jones, Thursday, 1 April 2021 15:30 GMT

Sharp Fang is a material in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s very useful for crafting essential items but, before you can do that, you need to get hold of some. And, as the name suggests, you’re going to have to do this by getting way closer to the pointy end of a big monster than is perhaps wise.

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How to get Sharp Fang in Monster Hunter Rise

You get Sharp Fangs when you hunt certain monsters. Carving the bodies of the following large monsters gives a low-percentage chance of a Sharp Fang drop:

  • Baggi (15%)
  • Bullfango (20%)
  • Delex (5%)
  • Gajau (10%)
  • Jaggi / Jaggia (10%)
  • Wroggi (15%)
  • Zamite (12%)

Between all these different monster types, you’re never far away from a source of Sharp Fang while out in the world on a hunt.

As ever, if you’re looking to farm materials for crafting resources, it’s best to visit areas on an Expedition Tour. This allows you to pursue the monsters you want to hunt without having to worry about completing objectives.

What can you craft with Sharp Fang in Monster Hunter Rise?

You’ll use Sharp Fangs to forge and upgrade a number of weapons, as well as when crafting armour from certain sets.

The following items all require Sharp Fang as a crafting material:

Weapons and upgrades
(number required)
Armour pieces
(number required)
Baggi Bow I (3)Baggi Coil (1)
Brash Buddies I (1)Bone Coil (1)
Cross Bowgun II (2)Bone Greaves (1)
Delex Harpoon I (2)Bone Mail (1)
Delex Sail I (2)Death Stench Bowels (2)
Hack Blade I (3)Death Stench Heel (2)
Hard Bone Lance (1)Jaggi Mask (1)
Iron Assault II (2)Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves (2)
Jawblade I (4)Nargacuga Mail (2)
Khezu Syringe I (2)Rhenoplos Braces (1)
Marino Burst I (1)Skalda Vertex (2)
Serrated Jaw II (2)Spio Vertex (2)
Rex Slicers I (3)Skull Visage (3)
Striped Dragonga I (3)Uroktor Coil (1)

To see how this impressive selection of armour stacks up against the others in the game, why not check out our guide to best early- and late-game armours next?

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