Naraka Bladepoint characters roster and best Naraka builds

Naraka Bladepoint characters are the game’s soul and the thing that makes each match interesting.

Each hero gets a special skill and an ultimate attack, but that’s not all. Each of these has two variants that can drastically influence how your hero performs in battle. We’ve listed some recommended Naraka Bladepoint builds for the initial batch of heroes and will update as 24 Entertainment adds new characters to the roster.

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Naraka Bladepoint characters | Naraka Bladepoint DPS characters

Yoto Hime skills

Yoto Hime is the newest character added at launch, and she’s perfect for more aggressive styles. Yoto Hime’s F skill, Spirit Slash, turns her normal sword strike into a ranged attack and lets Yoto Hime teleport to the enemy’s location.

Ominous Blade, her ultimate, is a mega-sized version of Spirit Slash. Yoto Hime swings a giant blade that she can also use as a ranged weapon, and it gets a damage buff if used near Cairns. If you’re looking for a powerful Naraka Bladepoint DPS character, it’s Yoto Hime.

Tarka Ji skills

Tarka Ji functions as an offensive tank. His F skill is Inner Fire, a move that blocks melee attacks and lets him respond with a counter after a successful block. The Bide alt is more situational and not as well suited for offensive play. It blocks incoming projectiles, but won’t let Tarka Ji counter until he’s blocked three attacks. His base Ultimate usurps its purpose as well.

Finally is Gigaflame, a purely offensive move that launches a fireball dealing heavy damage and knocking enemies back.

Tarka Ji’s Ultimate is Blackout, a skill that does quite a few things:

  • Recovers Energy faster
  • Sets Tarka Ji on fire and increases agility
  • Blocks projectiles while Tarka Ji sprints
  • Consumes Rage

The Vulcan variant removes Inner Fire’s cooldown timer but consumes Energy. Frenzy uses more Energy at the expense of Rage, but boosts Tarka Ji’s attack and restores Rage when he deals damage.

Best Tarka Ji build

If you want Tarka Ji as a tank, the base Inner Fire and Blackout skills are a solid choice that lets him deal damage without getting overwhelmed in the fight. Gigaflame and Frenzy are perfect for DPS, though, with Gigaflame’s wide-reaching damage helping restore Rage under Frenzy’s effects.

Naraka Bladepoint characters | Naraka Bladepoint tank characters

Temulch skills

Temulch is another tank, but one geared more toward self-preservation than most. His main F skill summons three air spirits that can block projectiles and deal damage. The Tracking variant lets you, well… track enemies, and Assault Wisps sends them through foes, after which they can bounce off them and attack again.

Zephyr Prison is his Ultimate. It knocks enemies back and creates a barrier for 15 seconds that blocks projectiles. If you choose Enchanted, it boosts Temulch’s recovery rate, and Summon creates new Zephyr Wisps that last for 12 seconds.

Best Temulch build

Temulch’s Enchanted helps augment Energy so you can launch more Assault Wisps and deal continuous damage, so consider that if you want an offensive Temulch. Plain Zephyr Wind and Summon are also a solid pairing, with Summon bypassing the usual Wisp time limit.

Tianhai skills

Tianhai is a versatile character that slots easily into tank and support roles. His Divine Bell F skill blocks physical attacks and reflects ranged attacks, making him a perfect candidate to send into a fray. The Counter variant is a bit tricky to use. It disarms enemies using Blue Focus, but also won’t let Tianhai cast Divine Bell if he’s already being attacked.

Blast does what the name suggests and launches enemies back from Tianhai, though again, he also can’t use it while under attack.

Titan’s Call is what makes Tianhai worth considering. The base version turns him into a Vajra, where you can grab enemies and stomp them, though Tianhai’s Energy will depend on how many people are in the game.

The Guard variant lets Tianhai grab allies and restore their health, and stomping enemies will restore his health. If you’re looking for big moves and even bigger results, Tianhai is one of the best Naraka Bladepoint characters to choose.

Best Tianhai build

Tianhai the tank should prioritize plain Divine Bell and Guard for Titan’s Call. The former ensures Tianhai takes the brunt of enemy assaults and makes him a good decoy unit in team matches, while Guard keeps allies alive longer.

Blast and plain Titan’s Call transform Tianhai into a viable DPS tank hybrid. Titan’s Call’s healing effects help make up for the lack of Divine Bell’s protection here.

Naraka Bladepoint characters | Naraka Bladepoint support characters

Matari skills

Those who want a more subtle approach to fighting should give Matari a try. Her F skill is Silent Flutter, a handy ability for exploration and fast movement. Silent Flutter teleports Matari a little ways away at a press and sends her longer distances if you hold the key. This skill’s variants aren’t that impressive.

Unseen Wings, Matari’s Ultimate, reduces Silent Flutter’s cooldown timer and turns her invisible. Enemies can still detect Matari while she’s moving, though the stealth boost is perfect for sneak attacks on anyone who isn’t Viper Ming.

Best Matari build

Sticking to the base version of her F sill is the best choice, whatever your goal for Matari is. We recommend Assassin for her Ultimate if you want to deal heavier damage and are playing solo. Choose Group Stealth for team matches if your allies need a support character, though.

Kurumi skills

Kurumi is useful almost exclusively for team matches. Ward, her F skill, heals herself and allies, but she can’t attack while it’s active. It does launch nearby enemies away, however, and the Resurrection variant revives fallen allies.

Sacred Circle is Kurumi’s Ultimate. It heals allies in the circle and removes debuffs, but the variants are what make this skill versatile. Armor Enhance bolsters defense instead of healing, and Rapid Healing instantly heals allies.

Best Kurumi build

Kurumi is good only for support, as mentioned, but there’s still flexibility in how you build that support. Dual Heal and Armor Enhance help keep allies around longer, while Rapid Heal and Resurrection are a solid pairing for patching up injuries both grievous and minor.

Viper Ning skills

Viper Ning is a more versatile support unit with good DPS potential. Her F skill is Yushuan Energy, a multifunctional move that interrupts Blue Focus attacks and knocks back enemies in a blast. Lockdown prevents enemies from using skills and Ultimates, but doesn’t affect Blue Focus, while Enfeeble decreases healing effects on enemies.

Her Ultimate, Twilight Crimson, marks visible enemies and stuns them after the five-second channeling process Viper Ning enters. She can’t move during that time, though. Seal reduces stun time to two seconds, but prevents enemies from using skills and Ultimates, while Unchained lets Viper move, but doesn’t stun enemies.

Best Viper Ning build

Lockdown and Unchained make a potent combination that keeps foes from dealing special damage, but if the opposing team has Kurumi on their roster, swap Enfeeble in to keep them weak.

That’s it for the Naraka Bladepoint characters roster for now, but 24 Entertaiment will likely be adding more soon. If you can’t enjoy the game because of lag, there might be a way to fix that. But if not, you could always take a break and test your skills in a different kind of battle royale experience with Fortnite Deathrun islands.