Neptune Frost’s first trailer offers a glimpse at Saul Williams’ boundary-pushing Afropunk sci-fi musical

Neptune Frost, the sci-fi musical from filmmaker Anisia Uzeyman and artist-musician-poet Saul Williams, is set to open in theaters nationwide on June 3. Ahead of the film’s premiere, distributor Kino Lorber has released a new trailer that offers a glimpse into the film’s unique and inspiring world of neon colors and binary-shattering exuberance.

Set in the hilltops of Burundi, Neptune Frost follows the parallel journeys of an intersex runaway (Elvis Ngabo, Cheryl Isheja) and an escaped coltan miner (Bertrand Ninteretse) who meet and fall in love with one another through a quirk of cosmic providence. Joining together, the lovers spark a revolution as they unite a disparate community of miners to form an anti-colonialist hacker collective resisting an oppressive regime hellbent on despoiling the region’s resources for their own nefarious purposes.

We saw the film back when it screened earlier this year at the 2022 Sundance International Film Festival, with our review calling it a “mesmerizing Afropunk odyssey hacking at the boundaries of gender, technology, and class.”

Neptune Frost releases in theaters on June 3.