Oh, to be a buzzing bee in Minecraft’s new cherry blossom biome

Part of the fun in Minecraft is exploring the world and finding wild new biomes. And the 1.20 patch adds a new and beautiful environment to that list: the cherry blossom biome. Cherry blossom biomes will be on Java snapshots and Bedrock betas soon, and will roll out once Minecraft 1.20 goes live.

Cherry blossom biomes are filled with, well, cherry blossom trees. These trees have high, flat crowns with pink, puffy leaves. Pigs, sheep, and bees spawn in the peaceful biome, making it an ideal place to set up shop and start farming. Cherry trees can be chopped down for cherry tree saplings and a new pale pink woodset, which should make for some lovely new buildings.

The upcoming patch also contains archeology, which allows players to search the desert for ancient ruins and start digging them up. Players will have to carefully brush along patches of suspicious sand to find pottery shards and useful random objects. Pottery shards can be combined into new decorations. Patch 1.20 will also include the Sniffer, a beast who has gone extinct. Only by finding Sniffer eggs with archeology will players be able to hatch one of these beasts, which use their considerable noses to find rare seeds for decorative plants.