Outriders Molten Acari | How to beat the Volcano boss

If you thought soldiers were the worst you’d come up against in Outriders, you were wrong. Scuttling atop the volcano is the Molten Acari, a fiery spider none-too-pleased with your incursion into its lair.

The giant beast is like nothing you’ve fought so far in Outriders, and requires a different kind of preparation and strategy to defeat.

There three phases of the fight to contend with, so here’s how to take down the Molten Acari in Outriders!

How to beat the Molten Acari in Outriders

Set up

First things first, you’re going to need to take the right skills and equipment into battle.

In terms of weapons, you’ll need something with decent range and a lot of ammo.

While it is possible to muddle through with a shotgun, the distances involved in fighting the Molten Acari make it tough to get consistent damage without something like an AR or LMG.

Secondly, leave any skills to do with stopping projectiles, zoning or slowing enemies, or teleporting behind enemies at home – they’re pretty much useless here.

Be sure to bring damage abilities, anything you can use to give yourself health, a barrier, or shield, and definitely equip the skills which imbue your magazine with extra damage – along with any mods which amplify the effect to cover multiple magazines.

How to clear phase one of the Molten Acari in Outriders

As you descend into the boss arena, you’ll see that the Molten Acari’s health bar is split into three sections.

During this first phase of the fight, you’ll be dealing with the giant spider itself.

Helpfully, the Molten Acari telegraphs its attacks by casting an Anomaly-blue light onto the ground.

The spider attacks by jumping on top of you or spurting out lava. However, if you avoid the blue lit areas, you can also avoid damage.

This is easier said than done because it’s difficult to both aim at the creature and keep track of where it will attack next, but there’s something you can do to turn the fight in your favor.

While it’s tempting to shoot its big ugly face, you’ll only be doing miniscule damage that way.

Instead, look for the patches of crumbling lava on the back of the Molten Acari’s abdomen.

Shoot these and you’ll expose the molten core of its abdomen – a weak spot for you to exploit.

Aim your shots at this molten core and you’ll do easily 3-4 times as much damage and this portion of the fight should be over quickly.

Periodically, the spider will launch itself onto the walls of the volcano and shoot hot lava from a distance.

When this happens, continue to focus your fire on its weak spot, while strafing sideways to avoid its retaliation.

How to clear phase two of the Molten Acari in Outriders

Once the first chunk of its health bar is depleted, the Molten Acari will retreat into the magma-soaked depths of the volcano.

When it does, many smaller spiders will burst out of the core.

Quickly shoot these spiders, as they’re a fantastic way to regain health mid-fight. Be careful not to let them get too close however, since they’ll explode at short range.

Soon, the main baddie will re-emerge, and you’ll have to juggle the main Molten Acari, along with the smaller spiders.

While this is more hectic than the previous round, you can once again shoot to loose dried lava to expose the weak spot on its abdomen.

Focus your intermittent fire on this spot, pausing often to keep the smaller spiders at bay and move out of the blue-lit attack area, and this section phase will quickly be over as well.

A new attack in this portion of the fight involves the giant spider spewing magna from its rear.

You need to dodge roll sideways to avoid this gooey shower, but it’s sometimes very hard to avoid. This is where your armor or barrier skills will come in handy to keep your resistance high.

How to clear phase three of the Molten Acari in Outriders

Throughout this final wave of the boss fight, you’ll take on the Acari in its true, wormy form.

In this phase, your foe will attack with rotating walls of magma, which you have to run away from in the same circular motion to avoid.

Once you’ve cracked this though, this is probably the easiest part of the three.

To take it down, focus your fire on the lava-filled pustules on its body, remembering again to swat away the smaller spiders to refill your health.

With the beast defeated, you can claim your loot by returning to the soldier’s camp on the mountain.