Overwatch 2 players stumped by an invincible Jesus statue

Overwatch 2 is set in a futuristic yet still recognizable future version of our world. Sure, cars on the street now have hover jets instead of wheels, there are giant omnics in the street, and popcorn costs $100 a bucket… but other than that, it’s basically the same. One player managed to get out of bounds on the Paraíso map and uncovered a surprising interaction — an unstoppable, invincible Jesus statue that you cannot shoot no matter how hard you try.

An area like King’s Row or Queen Street draws on the aesthetics of London or Toronto, and Paraíso, similarly, is based on the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. One notable landmark in the busy metropolis is the monument Christ the Redeemer. Construction on the project began in 1922 and didn’t finish until 1931. The statue depicts Jesus Christ with his arms spread wide, and is nearly 100 feet tall. This iconic landmark is visible on the Paraíso map in Overwatch 2, but players can’t interact with it… unless they sneak out of the map’s boundaries.

Overwatch 2’s maps are designed with terrain and invisible walls around the edges to keep players hemmed in, but with some clever maneuvering, it’s possible to get out of the map itself and see it from an outside perspective. Overwatch 2 player OmicronGaming posted a video to Reddit showing what happens if you sneak off of Paraíso and try to shoot Christ the Redeemer.

While the tank role is much stronger in Overwatch 2 than it was in its predecessor, not even Junker Queen or Roadhog could stand up to Christ the Redeemer. The statue effortlessly blocks a rocket barrage from Pharah, sending each missile spinning off to explode harmlessly in the air.

Overwatch 2 fans love to find little easter eggs around maps, like the Antarctic ice fishing hole that can generate such a mighty storm of fish that it crashes the game. Paraíso will play a larger role once Overwatch 2’s story content is released; the map will feature as one of the battlegrounds in a larger narrative.