PS5 introduces an inelegant, but effective solution to stop you playing the wrong version of your game

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 22 December 2020 14:39 GMT

You should no longer be confused as to which version of the game you’re about to play on PS5.

Seemingly without an update, Sony has addressed one of the PlayStation 5‘s biggest problems when it comes to cross-gen games. At launch and up until very recently, PS5 owners needed to dig deep into game menus to ensure they play the PS5 version of their games, not the older PS4 build.

As spotted by Tidux on Twitter, the PS5 now alerts players whenever two versions of the same game are installed, and asks which one they wish to launch. Of course, the fact this is a problem at all has earned the next-gen console a fair share of criticism.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to extend to the PlayStation Store, where millions have and continue to inadvertently download the PS4 version of their purchased games because the store seemingly has no way of serving the correct version without user interference. Nevertheless, some have reported getting the choice of which version of the game to download following this server-side update.

Microsoft, of course, solved this problem before the new generation even started, thanks to its Smart Delivery feature, which ensures players always get the right version for their console without having to do anything beyond initiating the download.

Thanks, VGC.

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