Resident Evil 4 remake hints that Separate Ways DLC may be next


Resident Evil 4’s new remake will get a boost of free content with the addition of The Mercenaries mode on April 7, but it appears that there will be another adventure coming to Capcom’s modernized survival horror game. A datamine of the game’s PC version indicates that the Separate Ways

DLC that Capcom released for earlier versions of Resident Evil 4 may be coming to the remake as well.

According to a tweet from Resident Evil Central, members of the Resident Evil Wiki Discord community have dug up a reference to Separate Ways — or rather, The Another Order, as the add-on was known in Japan — in Resident Evil 4

’s PC files.

Separate Ways is an unlockable expansion for Resident Evil 4 that gives players control of Ada Wong on her journey, which frequently intersects with Leon S. Kennedy and Luis Serra during the events of the main campaign. In the original incarnation of Separate Ways, Ada performs actions like ringing the church bell that ends the village’s attack on Leon, as well as preventing Leon’s death at the hands of Jack Krauser and securing the rocket launcher that Leon uses in the game’s final battle. (The original Resident Evil 4 also had a separate playable chapter named “Assignment: Ada,” during which Ada secures plaga samples for Albert Wesker.)

[Warning: The following contains light spoilers for the end of Resident Evil 4’s remake.]

The Resident Evil 4 remake itself makes a pretty clear allusion to Separate Ways during an endgame conversation between Leon and Ada. It’s not very subtle!

Capcom has not announced plans for downloadable content for Resident Evil 4 beyond April’s The Mercenaries update. Still, Capcom has released post-launch story content for the most recent mainline Resident Evil games. 2017’s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard received multiple major add-ons, including the episodes Not A Hero starring Chris Redfield and End of Zoe featuring a playable Joe Baker. Resident Evil Village received story-based DLC Shadows of Rose last year, letting players take on the role of Rose Winters.

Separate Ways could serve as a home to more than just fleshing out RE4’s story and Ada Wong’s involvement in game events. It could also serve as a home to cut content, like the battle against U-3. While that creature doesn’t appear in the main game, the remake references U-3 in its collectible files.

Resident Evil 4 is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. If you’re desperate to play as Ada Wong now, there’s a popular PC mod that swaps her model in for Leon’s. It’s no-frills, but it does offer players a chance to gaze upon Ada for the full length of RE4’s campaign if, for some inexplicable reason, looking at Leon S. Kennedy just isn’t your bag.