Rust Streamer Drops | Everything we know about this week’s Twitch Drops

You may know Rust as the MMO survival game where everyone is stark naked the vast majority of the time. You may also have heard by now that the game’s January 2021 update introduced Twitch Drops into the game, including collaborations with a number of major streamers which reward you for watching their channels.

All you’ll need in order to claim some exclusive in-game items are a Twitch account and a Steam account. There’s one catch though: these Twitch Drops are only available until Thursday 14th January 2021 at 11:30pm UTC. (That’s UK time, so 6:30pm Eastern Time or 3:30pm Pacific Time.)

After that they’ll be gone — quite possibly forever — so act fast if you’re looking to claim some exclusive Rust loot in collaboration with streamers including jacksepticeye, pokimane, and more!

Oh, and I’m happy to confirm that exactly none of the items on offer are trousers, so Rust’s infamous ubiquity of full-frontal nudity ought not to be affected by the promotion.

What’s available as part of the Rust Drops on Twitch event

You can earn up to 12 new items as part of the Rust Drops on Twitch promotional event. Three are Twitch drops which you can earn from watching any participating streams, while the other nine are linked to specific streamers’ channels.

Twitch Drops

Watching any streams as part of the event for a total of two hours will net you a nice new sofa. A comfortable place to sit is a rare luxury indeed in the world of Rust; and as an added bonus, this sofa seats two. If you were thinking of inviting a special someone over to visit your base, maybe now’s the time?

Watch any event streams for a total of four hours to earn yourself an industrial door. This reskin for the sheet metal door item doesn’t add much other than a slightly spruced-up aesthetic, but it should undeniably make your place look a tiny bit nicer.

Finally, watch a total of eight hours of streams as part of the event and you can claim a hobo barrel. A classic of repurposed fire-in-an-oilcan chic, this item will come in handy both for keeping your character warm and giving them a place to cook.

A comfy place to sit down, some privacy, and a roaring fire with the possibility of a hot meal… This is about as close to luxurious as life in Rust gets.

Claiming these items also gives you access to blueprints for the sofa and hobo barrel, allowing you to craft them again in future, provided you have the necessary resources.

Streamer Drops

In addition to the more generic items listed above, there are nine more unique items to be earned. Nine Twitch streamers are collaborating with the makers of Rust for this event, and each one has a reskin designed around their particular aesthetic for an item in the game.

Watch a participating channel’s Rust streams for a total of four hours or more during the event to earn the following:

ItemDescriptionHow to earn
Auronplay HoodieReskin for HoodieWatch Auronplay stream Rust for 4 hours
Jacksepticeye StorageReskin for Large Wood BoxWatch Jacksepticeye stream Rust for 4 hours
Lilypichu JacketReskin for JacketWatch Lilypichu stream Rust for 4 hours
Ludwig HoodieReskin for HoodieWatch Ludwig stream Rust for 4 hours
Myth ChestplateReskin for Metal Chest PlateWatch Myth stream Rust for 4 hours
Pokimane Garage DoorReskin for Garage DoorWatch Pokimane stream Rust for 4 hours
Shroud HoodieReskin for HoodieWatch Shroud stream Rust for 4 hours
Sykkuno Longsleeve TshirtReskin for Longsleeve T-ShirtWatch Sykkuno stream Rust for 4 hours
xQc Assault RifleReskin for Assault RifleWatch xQcOW stream Rust for 4 hours

How to earn and claim Twitch Drops and Streamer Drops in Rust

In order to earn Twitch Drops in Rust, you need to watch participating Twitch streams between now and when the event ends on January 14th at 11:30pm UTC/6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT.

Participating streams include any Rust streams on the nine channels listed above, as well as any other Rust stream that includes the Drops Enabled tag.

You can track your progress towards the various drops in the event by going to

Please note that you will only be eligible to receive a drop for one active channel at a time. Keeping multiple muted streams running in the background won’t do anything for your progress, I’m afraid.

Claiming Drops by linking your Twitch and Steam accounts

To claim your Drops, simply go to and be sure to sign in with both your Twitch account and your Steam account. To make linking all your accounts as painless as possible, there’s a couple of friendly buttons right there on the page that will do most of the work for you.

Once that’s done, you can activate Twitch Drops for your Steam account by pressing the big green button that should have appeared. Then just start watching. It’s really that easy.

For full details on your eligibility to claim Twitch Drops for Rust, see the FAQ section at Basically, though, as long as you log in to Twitch and Steam before watching you’ll be fine — you don’t even need to own a copy of Rust to get started, as claimed Twitch Drops can be added to your Steam inventory later on.

There’s no word yet on whether more Twitch Drops will make their way to Rust after this lot goes away on January 14th, so act quickly if you want to participate!

Rust is available on Steam now, with a long-delayed console launch still inching its way closer to realisation.

In the meantime, if you’re keen for more on Rust, check out our guide on how to repair and upgrade modular vehicles in the game.