Saints Row’s first update is a big bunch of bug fixes

Saints Row is a reboot on an incredibly wacky franchise, toning the formula down to something a little more grounded — albeit still incredibly bonkers compared to most of the competition. Volition has posted an update on the game, pledging to support the title through 2023. The studio intends to focus on improving the current experience, with a focus on bug fixes and stability upgrades.

“We know there is still work to do to improve your experience in the game, and we are working hard on fixes to community-reported issues, and improvements based on your feedback,” reads the post. The developer has already started the task of cleaning up the game’s bugs with hotfixes. The game’s first major update in late November will have over 200 more fixes, primarily addressing challenges, overall stability, and co-operative play.

In the statement, Volition says that the November update will be the first of many updates that are meant to improve the base experience, including “reducing repetition in some activities, making challenges more rewarding, improving vehicle management, [and] a revamp of rumble and haptic features.”

These fixes will be accompanied by free cosmetic patches released throughout the remainder of 2022. Fans will have to wait until 2023 for more story content and new gameplay to explore in new areas of the city, as Volition sounds focused on building the game’s foundation up over the course of the next year.