Sonic Frontiers looks like a live service game with all its free updates

It’s looking like Sonic Frontiers still has legs on it.

The “open-zone” Sonic game, which blends traditional 3D and 2D Sonic levels with open world exploration, is going to be getting a whole lot of content down the line. Sega announced a release timeline for updates that showed that the game will be getting new features, modes, additional story, and character skins in 2023.

All the updates will be free to everyone who owns Sonic Frontiers. The specific details of what content we’ll get, and when it’ll come out, will be revealed “at a later date,” according to a release from Sega. You can view the graphic below that lays out a general timeline of the upcoming new content.

The release comes as a surprise because Sonic Frontiers unfolds like a traditional open-world RPG with a beginning, middle, and end. The new content won’t cost more, so it’s not like a standard DLC update. So now it seems like Sega and Sonic Team are giving the game the live service treatment.

If you don’t want to wait super-long for a treat, players will be able to download the free Holiday Cheer Suit DLC on Dec. 21. If you get it, you’ll be able to dress Sonic in some cute holiday-inspired apparel.