Space Punks is top-down shooter RPG from Shadow Warrior devs

By Sherif Saed
2 July 2021 18:24 GMT

Flying Wild Hog has unveiled its latest project.

Space Punks is the new game from Hard Reset, and Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog. Published by Jagex, Space Punks is an isometric, online co-op shooter RPG.

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The game combines elements from Diablo and traditional loot shooters, all in an irreverent sci-fi setting. Space Punks has four playable characters, seen in the trailer. The unlikely heroes take on contracts across various planets for money and fame.

Each one of the four heroes is also a unique class; Duke is the all-rounder gun guy, whereas the three others have more interesting abilities, like an ethereal dash, the ability to lay mines, as well as other unique buffs.

Space Punks is not far off, either. Early access kicks off July 14 on PC, with an open beta scheduled for sometime this winter. Space Punks is also coming to consoles later in 2022. You can sign up for a chance to get invited to player early at the official website.

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