Supermassive’s horror factory rolls on: The Devil in Me will be out this fall

You can’t fault U.K. studio Supermassive Games for knowing when it’s on to a good thing. Since it had an unexpected hit with the 2015 choose-your-own horror adventure Until Dawn on PlayStation 4, Supermassive has turned itself into a fast-moving factory for making fun, story-driven, distinctly B-movie horror games.

Its next release will be The Devil in Me, the fourth title in its Dark Pictures Anthology series for Bandai Namco, and the fifth game in this genre Supermassive will have released in a little over three years since it kicked off The Dark Pictures with Man of Medan in August 2019. It’s also the studio’s second release this year, after The Quarry. That’s prolific by anyone’s standards.

The new story trailer for The Devil in Me reveals that the new game will be out in fall 2022, and shows us a little more of the animatronic murder house, based on serial killer H. H. Holmes’ so-called Murder Castle, that the game’s unlucky heroes have been invited to explore. It also gives us a first glimpse of the performance of Jessie Buckley — it was revealed in March that the Men star would take a role in the game.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.