Surreal horror RPG Omori coming to consoles this week

Omocat’s surreal horror role-playing game Omori was released in 2020 during the holidays, making it easy to miss for many. Now that it’s launching on consoles — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One — on June 17, there’s another chance to catch up with the cult hit.

Omori was originally announced for consoles during a Nintendo Indie World broadcast in December 2021.

The game has drawn comparisons to both YumeNikki and Earthbound, and it’s a turn-based RPG that’s both thrilling and emotional. Throughout Omori, players will control four different characters that travel between worlds. Development began years ago after the game raised $203,300 on Kickstarter — well over its $22,000 goal.

Omori won two honorable mentions during the 2021 Independent Games Festival, and the game’s been praised for the way it handles mental health, including anxiety, depression, and trauma.