The Ascent Mutual Dependencies: Kill the Fullchromes bug and how to fix

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies quest should be fairly straightforward.

You need to find and kill the Fullchromes but there’s a catch. Finding the Fullchromes is the hardest part, and not just because the road to the meeting place is long.

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The Ascent Mutual Dependencies | How to start the main mission

Mutual Dependencies is a main mission you can start at Serenity Plus by speaking with Poone. Before leaving Cluster 13, though, we recommend completing any available side missions so you can outfit yourself for future challenges with Ucred and better gear.

You can also start upgrading your Cyberdeck to take advantage of ICE 1-level doors and locks.

The road ahead is a dangerous one, so leave only once you’ve prepared.

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies | Fullchromes location

The Meeting Spot you have to reach is a fair distance from Cluster 13. Follow the quest marker to the Grinder district, then deal with the threats there and move on to the Rooftops region. You’ll head back to Grinder for The Stash quest that ends in a shiny new shotgun, so keep the location in mind.

The path branches in a couple of locations, but each route is ultimately the same: filled with enemies and also some loot.

Empty every chest you find for extra Ucred and upgrade items, then keep following the quest marker. Take advantage of vending machines for restorative items to help survive the journey, and you’ll eventually reach No Man’s Land. Now it’s time to head north toward the Meeting Place.

The problem is, you may or may not find someone waiting there already.

The Ascent Mutual Dependencies | Kill the Fullchromes

Normally, a group of Fullchromes — large enemies covered in shiny armor — spawns, and you can defeat them to wrap the quest up. However, the Fullchromes frequently don’t spawn thanks to one of The Ascent’s bugs.

If that happens, you’ll need to exit the game and try entering the Meeting Place again to see if the Fullchromes appear.

The Lost and Found quest might seem like another bug in The Ascent, but there’s actually a simple solution to its progression issue.

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