This new Returnal trailer shows off some of the enemies you will face

By Stephany Nunneley
14 April 2021 17:23 GMT

Returnal is out soon, and Housemarque has shown off some of the hostile forces you will encounter on the planet Atropos.

The planet of Atropos in Retrunal features various environments with its own sets of enemies. These include organic and parasitic creatures and even corrupted entities.

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There are also mechanical automatons and an even greater variety of different foes.

Each enemy has its own distinctive personality and its own uniquely identifiable attack patterns.

Some enemies will shoot projectiles while some will pull off close-range attacks. One of these is the Titanops which you can see in the video, sporting an arm made of tentacles.

Most other creatures will prefer to keep at a distance. For example, in the Overgrown Ruins the Mycomorph has a strong emphasis on shooting homing projectiles and will sometimes teleport to new locations to find better vantage points. It will also use a grenade-style attack that releases a cluster of vines, inhibiting your movement.

There’s also the crab-like Gorgolith which prefers to ambush.

In order to keep from getting it by projectiles, you will need to keep moving. Thankfully, there is plenty of verticality which will help you against the barrage of projectile attacks. The use of Dash will also be critical, as it can be used freely as a navigation tool. It can also be used to move quickly through projectile attacks without taking damage.

In the third-person, rouge-like shooter, the landscape always shifts and you will be defeated and forced to restart your journey every time you die. Because the procedural world changes every time you die, you will need to manage equipment and resources carefully.

Returnal is coming to PS5 on April 30.

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