Tiny MMO Book Of Travels reveals a new 30 minutes of magic and exploration

Might And Delight of Shelter series fame have been working on the lovely online game Book Of Travels that they call a TMO or “tiny multiplayer online” game which I very much hope becomes a thing. They’ve just revealed a whole half hour of gameplay narrated by creative director Jakob Tuchten who, much to my delight, spends nearly a third of the time in the character creator.

Until now, we’d not seen a very thorough look at Book Of Travels. The painterly online world is meant to have rare encounters between players who can interact with emotes and music. The Braided Shore is full of magic, though it’s of a humbler kind fueled by knots and tea rather than fireballs, it looks. A quick teaser from earlier this year shows just a glimpse of those things.

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on Steam in the meantime.