Warframe’s fan convention TennoCon is set to return for July

TennoCon, the annual convention to celebrate the free-to-play space ninja looter shooter Warframe, is returning for July 17. TennoCon will be streamed online for free, alongside in-game activities. Fans can expect reveals for the upcoming year of Warframe, along with developer panels, a cosplay contest, and a community art show. This is the second year that Digital Extremes has run TennoCon as a strictly online event due to COVID-19 health restrictions.

Digital Extremes is offering three digital packs for TennoCon, both of which offer both digital cosmetics and real-life merchandise. The Warframe developer will be making a donation to the Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness, which is an inclusive non-profit that provides supportive housing and emergency shelter.

We can likely expect a similar display to last year’s TennoCon, where players were able to gather in Relays for virtual exhibits of upcoming content and models, running in parallel alongside the livestream. This year, players explored the infested moon of Deimos and saw big updates to the Corpus presence in space. In July, we’ll likely find out more about future story content, quests, and new enemies.

It’s currently Warframe’s 8th anniversary; players can log in throughout the upcoming weeks to earn exclusive cosmetics and reward.