You can experience most of Super Nintendo World from your home

Super Nintendo World is officially a reality — in Japan at least. Unfortunately, with international travel to Japan currently restricted and COVID-19 delaying Universal Studios Orlando’s take on the Nintendo-themed land till 2025, visiting Super Nintendo World is currently but a (warp) pipe dream for those stateside.

But thankfully, video ride-throughs floating around YouTube capture the experience of Super Nintendo World without the danger of traveling. Ride-through video culture continues to deliver in these unprecedented times where theme park trekking is even more difficult, so wannabe park-goers can enjoy the excitement of Super Nintendo World without paying airfare. Right now, Super Nintendo World isn’t as robust as Disney World, but it’s full of never-before-seen attractions and a whole new world waiting to be explored.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

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The biggest attraction in Super Nintendo World is the Mario Kart-themed ride. The interactive dark ride features augmented reality and acts like a coaster on a track, but is also a dark ride, taking place indoors with special effects. The car zips around, revealing iconic Mario characters like Chain Chomp and Piranha Plant.

Yoshi’s Adventure

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In contrast to the more thrilling Mario Kart attraction, Yoshi’s Adventure is slower-paced and relaxing. The ride leisurely takes guests around through Nintendo-themed areas, both indoors and outdoors, and also offers a gorgeous view of the full park.

Power Up Band Key Challenges

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Not only is Super Nintendo World a theme park land, it’s also an … interactive experience! There are multiple mini-games around the park for guests to play, in order to earn stars and eventually defeat Bowser Jr. Everything is games these days! The good news is that via YouTube, you don’t need to purchase the separately sold Power Up band.

1Up Factory

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Of course, a big part of theme parks is the merchandise. Luckily, there are videos detailing every item available for purchase. 1Up Factory is the land’s main shop and offers hundreds of items.

Mario Motors

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Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ends in this gift shop. Fittingly, most of the merchandise here is Mario Kart-specific.

Kinopio’s Cafe

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Watch Toads make your food! We can’t eat the food offered here, but we can watch other people eat it for us.

Pit Stop Popcorn

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Pit Stop Popcorn offers Caramel Peach popcorn and Mushroom Cream popcorn, which sound about equally appetizing.

Yoshi’s Snack Island

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More expansive than Pit Stop Popcorn, but not as detailed as Kinopio’s Cafe, Yoshi’s Snack Island is … Yoshi themed!

Full park walkthrough

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And finally, a full park walkthrough, including not just the rides but the park itself. This comprehensive walkthrough goes through many small details of a day in the park, from buying a Power Up band and looking at the map to the attractions and character meet-and-greets.